Portfolio Management

Grandview Investment Advisor’s primary business is portfolio management. We manage your assets in your own accounts. These Separately Managed Accounts are titled in your name and we use a top tier broker as the custodian. We create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with you; customized for your specific situation. We manage assets for individuals, trusts, and companies. Our services are full service and we exercise discretion over funds on deposit with our custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Grandview believes in selecting investments to manage risk and seek return. Our approach for managing risk begins with understanding your circumstance. We then look to maximize returns in a risk efficient manner.

Grandview builds a client specific IPS to define your portfolio. The IPS generally covers goals, short term cash flow requirements (income and spending), long term cash flow, tax circumstance, risk preferences, the portfolio rules or instructions Grandview will abide by, and the frequency of reporting and discussions.

We believe the decisions made in creating the IPS are the most important to the success of the portfolio. We will spend considerable time developing an appropriate IPS and revisit decisions, strategy, allocations and assumptions at least annually. If you are interested in our services please click this link to important considerations we use in building a portfolio.

Management fees are based on account size and typically range between 1.6% to 0.8% of assets under management per year. These fees may be adjusted depending on the portfolio complexity requested by the client.

Our Portfolio Management Process

Our process allows us to design custom solutions:

  • Investors have unique goals and risks.
  • We review the market and economic environment continually.
  • As our expectations change we evaluate the implications for our investors portfolios.
  • We are dynamic, in that we do not hold one investment type, or strategy as appropriate for you for all time. We adjust and anticipate conditions changing.

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