Building An Investment Portfolio

Important considerations for building an investment portfolio:

Portfolio Objectives: A portfolio objective is more descriptive than “maximize return” … Objectives may be to protect net worth from inflation, pay for an education, provide for retirement, generate some income for travel and / or leave an estate, trust or foundation to benefit others.

Investment Horizons: Most investors have multiple investment horizons. Significant events may include buying a home or car, paying for college, transitioning into retirement. Trusts, businesses and foundations may have portions of their assets that seek a nearly infinite horizon.

Desired level of risk: We work with you to identify what risks you have, want to take, and which you would like to avoid. We have effective solutions for protecting from market shocks, real estate values and interest rates. We can design custom protection from specific situations.

How the Portfolio fits with your overall investments: You may choose only to use us for a portion of your funds. If you would like, we prefer to look at your whole financial picture to make sure our recommendations are appropriate.

Long Term Allocation and Strategy: We craft this longer view once we know the objectives, horizons and risk tolerances. Think of the analogy of your portfolio is a Large Ship and this step is choosing the destination and the general route.

Tactical (short term 1-3 year) Allocation: This is the short term view. We take into account shorter term market conditions, or risks you may have, and try to take advantage of them while keeping on course for your long term allocation and strategy.

Tax: We manage all types of accounts that can be held at our custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional… for example: taxable brokerage and retirement accounts such as traditional IRA’s, SEP and SIMPLE IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, etc.

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