Portfolio Management

We Help You Manage Risk and Seek Returns.

Portfolio Management

Grandview believes in selecting investments to manage risk and seek return. Our approach for managing risk begins with understanding your circumstance. We then look to maximize returns in a risk efficient manner.

Retirement Planning

Traditional retirement plans typically include a menu of mutual funds with high expense ratios. As an independent advisor, Grandview is free to recommend funds to the plan that are in the best interest of the participants.

Financial Planning

Many investors operate without a plan. Proper financial planning can be very helpful in achieving your goals. Our plans are designed to help any investor manage their own investments, or coordinate with investment specialists.

Grandview Investment Advisors

Grandview Investment Advisors specializes in customized portfolio management solutions for clients. In addition, we will perform third party valuations and assessment of investment suitability.

The relationship between you and your advisor is important. We take the time to make sure we understand your needs and that our services are exactly what you need before we enter into any agreements. In case you were wondering … prospective client meetings are free.

Grandview Investment Advisors, LLC is a licensed financial advisor in Colorado. While we are headquartered in Denver, CO, we will be pleased to travel within the state to discuss your needs.

We look forward to meeting with you. Contact us to make an appointment today!

Mission Statement

After researching the investing environment, it seemed that independent advisors were few and far between and most financial professionals were compensated by not only charging an investment fee but received compensation from selling mutual funds, insurance products, and some by churning accounts. These hidden incentives did not put the client first and often times the fees and expenses slowly ate away at the client’s principal investment.

This became Grandview’s mission:

To put the customer first by taking the time to understand you and your needs and then to invest and make recommendations based on what is best suited for you, our client, not on what hidden incentives we can make.

Grandview is a fee-only advisor and does not receive any other compensation from selling products.