Financial Planning & Consulting

Many investors operate without a plan. Proper financial planning can be very helpful in achieving your goals. Our plans are designed to help any investor manage their own investments, or coordinate with investment specialists.

Financial plans start at $1,000 depending on the complexity of the plan and fees may be negotiated or negated if we provide portfolio management services.

In select circumstances we will consult for either an hourly rate, or a fee for the job performed.

Our Plans:

  • Begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your current state of affairs, value, liquidity and risks.
  • Take into account your willingness and/or ability to take on risk.
  • Document your goals and provide mile stones so that you can monitor progress.
  • Provide recommendations on changes you should make to your current state of affairs.
  • Give a roadmap with specific recommendations and steps to complete.

You need to know where you are in order to plan your next step:

  • Understand your financial state and goals.
  • People that have plans can better evaluate opportunities as they arise.
  • Our plans are action oriented, not just a listing of assumptions that you will get from financial software.
  • We do not take compensation from mutual funds or brokers.

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